Expatriates with cancer diagnosis in the United Arab Emirates, hanging on the edge

Humaid O. Al-Shamsi
J Cancer Prev Curr Res. 2018;9(5):257-258.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a relatively young country established in December 1971 and located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. The population of the UAE has almost tripled between the 1990 and 2005 due to large inward migration with estimated population of 9.2 millions in 2013 (population estimates: 287,000 in 1971, 4.1 million in 2005, 8.3 million in 2010). The majority of the population in 2013 (7.8 million) are expatriates from over 200 nationalities specially Asia, only 1.4 million (15.2%) are Emirati (UAE) citizens. making UAE home to one of the world’s highest percentage of immigrants. This multinational population with varying degree of education, religious and cultural backgrounds may pose a challenge for public health strategies.

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