Authors Reply: How to manage febrile neutropenia during the COVID pandemic? In response to, “A Practical Approach to the Management of Cancer Patients During the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic”.

Coomes EA, Al-Shamsi HO, Meyers BM, Alhazzani W, Alhuraiji A, Chemaly RF, Almuhanna M, Wolff RA, Ibrahim NK, Chua MLK, Hotte SJ, Elfiki T, Curigliano G, Eng C, Grothey A, Xie C.
The Oncologist 2020 May 7

We agree with Boutayeb et al. that COVID-19 must be considered in patients presenting with febrile neutropenia; they may be a particularly high-risk population given their underlying immunocompromise and frequent interaction with the healthcare system. Viral respiratory infections, including COVID-19, should routinely be considered in differential diagnosis for febrile neutropenia as they are commonly identified even outside of the present pandemic.

The best evidence for sequential diagnostic algorithms for COVID-19 continues to evolve as emerging data is published. We believe that…

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