The Emirates Oncology Society is pleased to connect with the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium committee
and announce the Best of BSACS UAE 2022 that will take place on Saturday February 25th, 2023. We are delighted
to invite you all, delegates, esteemed faculty, committees, industry partners and friends to get through the best topics
presented on Breast Cancer Care brought to you from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium held in Texas, USA
on December 6th till 10th, 2022.

This conference aims to deliver a balance of clinical, translational, and basic research, providing a forum for interaction,
communication, and education for a broad spectrum of researchers, health professionals, and those with a special
interest in breast cancer.

We look forward to welcome you all warmly and to thank you for demonstrating by your presence the importance
you attach to this initiative.



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