In honor of Cancer Survivor Month, on 18th June 2023, the Emirates Oncology Society hosted an Insightful Panel Discussion at the Museum of The Future, Dubai in the presence of H.E. Obaid Khalfan Al Ghoul Al Salami and EOS president Prof. Humaid Al-Shamsi to raise awareness and to celebrate the indomitable strength and resilience of our cancer patients.


In a meaningful gesture, each member of the panel, as well as our esteemed VIP Guests, planted a Ghaf seed, symbolizing perseverance and life. It signified our commitment to nurturing their growth, just as we nurture and support cancer patients on their journey to recovery.


Following the discussion, a Graduation Ceremony for Cancer Survivors was held. This was a heartwarming gathering uniting survivors, their families, and compassionate individuals from our community who wished to extend their unwavering support. Cancer survivors took center stage, donning Caps and Gowns for their A to Z graduation ceremony. With joy and pride, they threw their caps into the air at the end of the diplomas’ distribution, symbolizing their triumph over adversity.


This inspiring event provided a special platform for cancer survivors to feel liberated and express their deepest emotions, fears, and gratitude as they shared their hope, advice, and clarity and inspired everyone in attendance to keep moving forward.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended and supported this event. Your presence and enthusiasm made it an unforgettable experience. Let us continue to stand united in our efforts to uplift and empower cancer survivors in their journey toward a brighter future.


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