The State of Cancer Care in the United Arab Emirates in 2020: Challenges and Recommendations

A report by the United Arab Emirates Oncology Task Force
GJO Issue 32, Jan 2020 ISSN No. 2078-2101


With cancer being the third leading cause of mortality in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there has been significant investment from the government and private health care providers to enhance the quality of cancer care in the UAE. The UAE is a developing country with solid economic resources that can be utilized to improve cancer care across the country. There is limited data regarding the incidence, survival, and potential risk factors for cancer in the UAE. The UAE Oncology Task Force was established in 2019 by cancer care providers from across the UAE under the auspices of Emirates Oncology Society. In this paper we summarize the history of cancer care in the UAE, report the national cancer incidence, and outline current challenges and opportunities to enhance and standardize cancer care. We provide recommendations for policymakers and the UAE Oncology community for the delivery of high-quality cancer care. These recommendations are aligned with the UAE government’s vision to reduce cancer mortality and provide high quality healthcare for its citizens.

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